Announcing Our Talk Lineup!

We are excited to present our tutorial and talk lineup! The Django community and beyond submitted a record-breaking number of incredible talk proposals. Selecting these talks was extremely difficult for our program team. We were only able to accept 17% of the submissions we received, and appreciate the effort everyone put into their submissions; thank you! Another huge thank you to our reviewers, without whom this list would still be weeks in the making.

We’ll announce the tutorial schedule and full conference schedule soon. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, they’re still on sale.

Congratulations to the presenters of the 6 tutorials and 40 talks below!


  • API-Driven Django (Philip James)
  • Build a GraphQL API powered by Django (Ed Rivas)
  • Mastering the Django ORM (James Bennett)
  • Python Packaging without the Pain (Diane DeMers Chen)
  • Web Application Security with Django: A Hands-On Tutorial (Jacinda Shelly)
  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting: A Hands-On Guide to Regression Testing (Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel)


  • A Bossy Sort of Voice: Uncovering gender bias in Harry Potter with Python (Eleanor Stribling)
  • A Python-Driven Web App Framework with Django, Channels, and React (Kendall Chuang)
  • An Intro to Docker for Djangonauts (Lacey Williams Henschel)
  • Anatomy of Open edX - a modern online learning platform serving over 35 million users (Nate Aune)
  • Auto-generating an API using PostgreSQL, Django, and Django REST Framework (Mjumbe Poe)
  • Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and yes, Django! (Ken Whitesell)
  • BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Testing for Django Apps (Le Xiao)
  • Becoming a Multilingual SuperHero in Django (Sanyam Khurana)
  • Bespoke communication devices for kids with autism built with Django and Raspberry Pi (Muriel Green)
  • Building a Community for All People (Jennifer Konikowski)
  • Building Workflows With Celery (Josue Balandrano Coronel)
  • Code Review Skills for Pythonistas (Nina Zakharenko)
  • Containerless Django: Deploying without Docker (Peter Baumgartner)
  • Data internationalization in Django (Raphael Michel)
  • Django REST Framework: Moving Past the Tutorial to Production (Drew Winstel)
  • Easier Classes: Python Classes Without All The Cruft (Trey Hunner)
  • Elasticsearch: Accelerating the Django Admin (Kate Kligman)
  • Finally Understand Authentication in Django REST Framework (William S. Vincent)
  • Fundamentals of Kubernetes for Django developers (Graham Dumpleton)
  • Herding Cats with Django: Technical and social tools to incentivize participation (Sage Sharp)
  • Here Come The Robots - Django and Machine Learning (Tom Dyson)
  • How to Give a Damn and Stand Out (Amber Wanner)
  • Introduction to Django and GraphQL (Patrick Arminio)
  • It’s about time (Russell Keith-Magee)
  • JavaScript for Python Developers (Žan Anderle)
  • “Normalize until it hurts; denormalize until it works” in Django (Flávio Juvenal)
  • One Engineer, an API, and an MVP: Or how I spent one hour improving hiring data at my company. (Nicole Zuckerman)
  • ORM: The Sequel (Katie McLaughlin)
  • Packaging Django Apps for Distribution on PyPI (Laura Hampton)
  • The Power of GeoDjango (Anna Kiefer)
  • Pseu, Pseu, Pseudio. Pseudonymization in Django. (Frank Valcarcel)
  • Python on your phone: Building mobile apps with Kivy (Derek Payton)
  • Real Life Accessibility: Have you HEARD your site? (Mike Herring)
  • Serverless Django with Zappa (Dane Hillard)
  • Simpl framework, big impact! (Joseph Lee & Jane Eisenstein)
  • Strategies for Zero Down Time, Frequent Deployments (Nick Humrich)
  • Transfer those Skills! How to Identify, Communicate, and Sell your Transferable Skills when Switching Careers (Caroline Taylor & Rebekah Post)
  • Unique ways to Hack into a Python Web Service (Tilak T)
  • Wagtail CMS - Making Django More User (and Developer) Friendly (Sara Heins)
  • We Are 3000 Years Behind: Let’s Talk About Engineering Ethics (Hayley Denbraver)
  • What’s in a Name? Your Guide to the Wacky World of DNS (Ashley Sullins)
  • When your wetware has too many threads - Tips from an ADHDer on how to improve your focus (Aaron Bassett)

If you’d like to check out these talks and more, tickets are still on sale. Tutorials are $195 each, and we will have the schedule for those up soon. We hope to see you in San Diego! :desert_island: