Why DjangoCon US?

Learn alongside the community's best and brightest.

We bring your favorite project maintainers, leading teams, passionate researchers, and creative hobbyists under one roof for a jam-packed week of knowledge sharing. The opportunities to learn and connect are endless!

DjangoCon provides a great opportunity for Django enthusiasts and experts to meet [...]. The quantity of training sessions mixed with case studies and networking opportunities provides a huge ROI for employers who want to help employees improve their technical chops quickly and efficiently.

Rikki Endsley
Coommunity Manager & Tech Journalist

A hundred other reasons and counting ...

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Sessions cover a wide variety of Django topics across experience levels. There’s something for everyone.

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It’s common to see entire teams attend. Why? Because learning and exploring together is a great way to build your team.

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Two-day sprints are an excellent opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with experts in the community.

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DjangoCon US is regularly attended by Django veterans. The conference is your chance to build connections with top talent.

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DjangoCon US is an affordable, community-run event. Registration, airfare, and hotel are <$1,400 for most attendees — less than the price of just a ticket at other conferences.

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Learn best practices from people who discovered them the hard way. Get cutting edge tips and tricks you won’t find on Stack Overflow.

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Leading brands sponsor DjangoCon US year after year. Come meet officials from groups like Mozilla, JetBrains, Guidebook, and more and see why they love the conference.

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Are you hiring? Post on our job board and meet potential candidates in a comfortable environment.

Experience a high-quality assortment of content created, selected, and produced by the community.

Our program services different experience levels and interests. Between a mix of tutorials, talks, breakout sessions, and the conference “hallway track”, your team will undoubtedly learn something new.

Last Year's Top Session

Butter smooth, interactive applications with Django and Websockets

by Ganesh Swami

Additional Topics

Django never ships alone. We also feature sessions on other related topics.

  • Deployment
  • Django REST Framework
  • The Django ORM
  • Containerization
  • Django + React
  • Internationalization
  • Testing
  • Denormalized Query Engines
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Stay for the FREE post- conference, two-day sprints and collaborate with Django enthusiasts.

Bring your special project or know-how and team up with fellow developers to solve problems! Got a bug that’s been driving you crazy? Have questions about architecture or deployment? Sprints are the perfect place to give and receive help.

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The biggest obvious benefit to employees is being exposed to the conference material. The larger, but less obvious, benefit is the community interactions and connections your employees will make. Have a problem with a library? It's possible your employee knows one of the core maintainers or someone else who uses it and can reach out for some quick advice that simply isn't possible without the human connection.

Frank Wiles
DSF President and Founder of REVSYS
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