DjangoCon US is only possible through the generosity of the organizations and businesses on this page. Their donations make it possible for us to provide financial support to speakers and attendees, record all talks, host sprints, and feed everyone for six days. Thank you for your support!

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By supporting the community who builds and supports the software you use, you help ensure its happiness, health, and productivity.

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Cadre is building the world’s first digital stock market for alternative assets. We leverage our superior technology and data-driven insight to open once-exclusive industries to the world’s investors, creating new ways for more people to create wealth.



We are performance tuners, Python and Django experts, infrastructure and scaling architects. Your best opportunity for success in any situation is to have access to the highest level of knowledge and a thorough understanding of how to make the most of it. What you don’t know can hurt you. Let us help you over and around the bumps in the road you are on. At REVSYS, we help our clients with architecture decisions, implementing best practices, identifying cost savings, improving development velocity, mentoring, and ops automation. You need to move fast. We can help rev up your people, processes, and products.


Guidebook is a simple yet powerful mobile application builder that lets you create an app in four easy steps — no technical skills required. Just choose from a gallery of mobile app templates, select your features, and fill it with content. Then publish in minutes to Google Play and the Apple App Store.


JetBrains delivers intelligent software solutions that make developers more productive by simplifying their challenging tasks, automating the routine, and helping them adopt the best development practices. PyCharm is the Python IDE for Professional Developers by JetBrains providing a complete set of tools for productive Python, Web and scientific development, available in three editions. The free and open-source PyCharm Community Edition is perfect for pure Python coding. PyCharm Professional Edition is designed for professional Python and Web developers. PyCharm Educational Edition helps novice programmers learn programming with Python easily and effectively.


Nexmo is a global communications platform, providing APIs and SDKs for SMS, voice, phone verification, messaging and advanced multi-channel conversations. We have officially supported open source libraries for Python, Node.JS, Ruby, PHP, Java and C# .NET enabling you to build scalable communications features such as two-factor authentication, two-way and group messaging and one to one or multi person calls.

Lincoln Loop

Lincoln Loop is a full-service software development agency specializing in Python and Django development for web and mobile. Since 2007 our emphasis on quality in an agile environment has helped numerous startups and high-traffic sites grow their businesses. In addition to rock solid Python powered backends, Lincoln Loop provides user experience, deployment, and real-time application development with JavaScript.


Linode is a leading cloud hosting provider founded in 2003. Today the company boasts more than 400,000 customers worldwide with eight data centers total – four in the US and four in Europe and Asia.

Caktus Group

Caktus is a leading web development firm in the US, building custom web applications and mobile tools for businesses and social good. Major projects include the development of Libya’s SMS voter registration system, the first of its kind in the world, and a digital archiving system for the world’s largest on-demand video provider, iN DEMAND. Past and current clients include UNICEF, Discovery Communications, the University of North Carolina, the Specialty Food Association, and Mozilla.



Tito is designed to provide a stress-free experience for organisers and attendees. We sweat the software details so that you can focus on planning a great event.

JamBon Software

JamBon Software is a software consultancy that specializes in building beautiful and robust applications. The team at JamBon Software is passionate about usability and security, and loves building software that provides the user with a memorable experience.


Scout is application monitoring for Django + Flask apps that tracks down expensive N+1 database queries, sources of memory bloat, abnormal performance behavior, and more. Join the thousands of developers that use Scout to find what you can’t see in charts.

Microsoft's Cloud Developer Advocates

The Cloud Developer Advocates are focused on supporting anyone and everyone. We write, speak, and dream in code. Our global team is maniacal about making the world amazing for developers of all backgrounds. Connect with us, write code with us, and let’s meet up and talk cloud and all things developer!

JBS Solutions

JBS Solutions has developed custom web applications for clients from small to large, supporting e-commerce, appointment scheduling, advertising, nationally televised events, data warehousing/business intelligence and many others. They work primarily in Django, but other technologies occasionally fit applications better (even Microsoft - a separate team is a Gold Application Development partner.)


Truthful Technology

Trey Hunner helps Python & Django teams turn experienced devs into experienced Python devs through on-site team training. Trey’s custom training sessions are always hands-on because learning primarily happens from doing. All new skills learned are re-enforced through comparisons and analogies to already understood technologies. All skills are acquired through coding, reflecting, and re-solving programming exercises individually or as a group. If you have a team of developers who need to learn Python & Django better, contact Trey Hunner. I would love to chat with you.

Ken Whitesell

A friend and supporter of DjangoCon US.

PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.

PostgreSQL Experts, Inc., a team of dedicated open source technology experts, can help you develop new applications, accelerate existing applications, refactor infrastructure, and solve database problems. Our consultants are known by their many contributions to PostgreSQL, Django, and other OSS projects, including a PostgreSQL Core Team member, PostgreSQL committers and contributors, and contributors to database-backed applications in Django, Perl, PHP, Python and Java.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions

We provide high-touch, technology enabled workforce management solutions to create a culture of administrative ease. Our workforce solutions increase efficiency, mitigate risk, and provide insight to vendor management.


We solve business problems with software solutions. We’ve used our decades of combined Python and Django experience to help organizations of all sizes. From sales funnels to back offices, custom CMS to analytic dashboards, we’ve done it all. Our swollen testimonial file and ratings on sites like Clutch speak to our ability to not just hit the technical mark but also understand the business impacts. Don’t listen to us though… Just ask for references. Our customers will sell our services way better than we ever could.

Diversity & Inclusion


Django Events Foundation North America (DEFNA) is a non-profit based in California USA. It was formed in 2015 at the request of the Django Software Foundation (DSF) to run DjangoCon US. The DSF have licensed DEFNA to run DjangoCon US since 2015. Beyond DjangoCon US we also plan to be involved with other events in North America that cover the education and outreach of Django.

Django Software Foundation

Development of Django is supported by an independent foundation established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Like most open-source foundations, the goal of the Django Software Foundation is to promote, support, and advance its open-source project: in our case, the Django Web framework.

Python Software Foundation

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that holds the intellectual property rights behind the Python programming language. We manage the open source licensing for Python version 2.1 and later and own and protect the trademarks associated with Python. We also run the North American PyCon conference annually, support other Python conferences around the world, and fund Python related development with our grants program and by funding special projects.


United States PostgreSQL Association

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with over 30 years of active development that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.