Introducing the Corporate Concierge Service and Patron Ticket!

You may have noticed two new ticket types this year: the Patron ticket and the Corporate Concierge Service. We’re excited to offer these new ticket types in response to feedback from prior attendees. So let’s talk more about these new tickets!

Patron Ticket

Who needs it:

  • Anyone who wants to give back to DjangoCon US

How to buy it:

We are incredibly touched every year to be contacted by a few generous attendees who want to pay more for their ticket to help us out. We have a donation option already, but sometimes it’s the head of a company who wants to pay more, and using the donation option makes their accounting more complex.

This year, we’ve added the Patron ticket to make it easier for those attendees and their companies who want to donate to DjangoCon US to do so. The difference of cost in the Patron ticket goes toward helping us fund inclusion initiatives like video transcription and our discounted ticket option. The more Patron tickets we sell, the more discounted tickets we can make available.

Corporate Concierge Service

Who needs it:

  • Companies who know they will be sending several people, but who want to choose those people later on
  • Companies who need to pay by purchase order

How to buy it:

Every year, some larger organizations contact us because they want to buy several tickets, but they won’t know who they are sending to the conference until closer to the conference dates. Because our ticketing service wants to know the names of the attendees at the time of purchase, this is difficult to do online.

This year, we created a special ticket option for those companies: the Corporate Concierge Service. This ticket enables you to buy several tickets all at once without knowing who you will be sending to the conference. We’ll help you assign those tickets to specific people, so we can prepare their badges, whenever you’re ready.

This ticket is also useful for organizations that need to pay by purchase order or with a check. Traditionally, we’ve added an administrative fee to that process because of the manual work involved in processing purchase orders and assigning those tickets. The Corporate Concierge Service allows those companies to pay by purchase order or with a check without incurring an additional administrative cost. Contact us today to set up your purchase order!

You can also pre-register for tutorials! Buy a morning and/or afternoon tutorial session now, and we’ll send you a link to select the one you want once the schedule is released. And if you’re buying your own ticket, don’t miss out on your chance to get that early-bird pricing! We still have a few individual early bird tickets left, but they’re going fast.