Building a Community for All People

Tuesday 5:30 pm, Salon F-H

About This Talk

Are you having trouble getting beginners to stick around in your user group? What’s the best way to help people who are just getting started with Django and Python? Are you finding it difficult to attract and keep a diverse audience? Since I started PyLadies Boston in 2013, I’ve learned a few lessons about the best way to help out beginners and cultivate a welcoming community for marginalized folks. In this talk, I will cover:

  • Starting a group with the intention to be beginner-friendly
  • Creating a welcoming environment
  • Beginner friendly meeting topics
  • Finding the best way to teach people to code
  • Being a good ally

This talk will benefit anyone who is currently running or thinking of starting a user group.

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Jennifer Konikowski

I’m the founder of PyLadies Boston, an organization dedicated to bringing more women into the open-source community in Boston, growing it from zero to a thousand. I have also been an organizer of PyLadies Atlanta, Boston Ruby Women, and Code & Supply. I currently work as a software developer at Stitch Fix, but my passion is teaching women how to code. I currently organize All The Nerdy Ladies Pittsburgh.