Elasticsearch: Accelerating the Django Admin

Monday 4:10 pm, Salon A-E

About This Talk

The Django Admin offers quick solutions and rapid feature development for new websites. But as your website expands, and datasets grow, it can become unwieldy and slow. Enter Elasticsearch: an easy way to quickly accelerate your Django administration tools and searches.

At Grove Collaborative, we’ve experimented with Elasticsearch technology and developed reusable patterns that brought new life to our aging Django administration system. This presentation will teach you how to leverage easy Elasticsearch wins while avoiding common pitfalls.

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Kate Kligman

Kate Kligman is a senior software engineer on the platform team at Grove Collaborative, a B-Corp and digital-first consumer products brand with a mission to help families across the country make the switch to natural, non-toxic household products. Kate’s been involved in non-profit projects and communities throughout her career, discovering Python in college while working on a Jedi dueling league. With a career spanning over 15 years, she has previously worked as an engineer for Pantheon, Skyfire (now Opera), Riverbed, and Visa.