Python on your phone: Building mobile apps with Kivy

Tuesday 4:10 pm, Salon F-H

About This Talk

Many Django developers are familiar with building APIs, but what about when you need to build a mobile client consume them? Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a mobile application using the same language as your backend?

Well, you can!

This talk will introduce Kivy, a framework for building multi-touch applications. We’ll cover all the basics, including…

  • Why you’d want to build mobile apps in Python, and what other options exist
  • How to install Kivy (It’s really easy!)
  • Basic examples of what a Kivy app looks like
  • The Kv Design language, a YAML-esque abstraction for rapidly building UI’s
  • How to access the hardware features of your device
  • How to package your app for the Google Play and iOS App stores

We’ll provide everything you need to know to get started building Python-powered phone apps with Kivy.

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Derek Payton

Derek is the Director of Development at OrdrSlip, where he leads a team of developers – the majority of whom are junior and under his mentorship – in building the company’s core product. He is fiercely Fresno-proud and is actively involved in building Fresno’s technology scene; he is the founder and lead organizer of Fresno Python, co-founder of Root Access Hackerspace, and a director at 59DaysOfCode, a non-profit aimed at growing tech in the San Joaquin Valley. He’s been writing Python since 2006, has been using Django to build web stuff since version 0.95, and has been a core contributor to Qtile.