Your web framework needs you!

Tuesday 10:05 am, Salon A-E

About This Talk

Django looks like it’s doing just fine: it’s a popular framework in a popular language. We have major releases every six months. We have Django Girls, a Foundation (and Fellows), super conferences in glamorous locations, and more.

But the code is old, there are 1300+ accepted open issues. There’s only the smallest number of people that regularly contribute code.

It’s fine now. But it won’t be. Your web framework needs you!

Contributing to open source is great, and it’s great for you. Historically we’ve not been that good at encouraging new and diverse contributors. We’re trying to change that, and we want to invite you to come and join-in.

I’m going to tell you quickly how to get involved, how to get support in that, and how to let us know if that’s failing.

You are qualified to contribute. More than that, your contribution is the future of Django. Come code.

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Carlton Gibson

Husband and father of 4. I a Django Fellow, a maintainer Django REST Framework, Django-Filter, Crispy Forms and more. When I’m not doing that, I like cooking and hats 🌮.